Cantilever Roof Structure

Cantilever Roof Structure

Project description: 

Our customer required a cantilever roof structure to be manufactured and installed over their bins that hold product which is required to be kept dry before the start of their mixing process.

We designed, engineered and manufactured a 5m wide by 12.5m long structure solution with the following design options:

- Galvanised Steel Frame

- High Tension Fabric

- Clearance parameters of 2.8m above the loading chute to allow for machinery access

- Engineering compliance to AS1170.1 & AS1170.2

- Full suite of engineered drawings, specifications, technical drawings

Installed on site by our professional team in just a few days ensuring the client had no down time or loss of production

  • Cantilever structure bitumen plant
     Cantilever structure bitumen plant
  • loader clearance
     loader clearance
  • Cantilever fabric roof
     Cantilever fabric roof
Client Industry: 
Project Details : 

CONTAIN-A-COVER Cantilever Hoop Structure

5m wide x 12.5m long

Engineered cleat attachment to existing structure

Overhead clearance for machine loading

Designed, manufactured and installed by the CONTAIN-A-COVER Team