Easy to install, dismantle and relocate to enhance savings

Our DIY Container Dome Roof Kits are easy to install and come with step by step instructions. With our quick delivery structures can be installed in no time therefore saving costs on site with idle resources and allowing you to get on with the job at hand.

Protection from the elements
Container Dome Roof Kits are made from Canvacon 7000E fabric. Canvacon is a durable polythene fabric with a UV block out and reduces sun absorption. The reflective element means that the heat is reduced compared to traditional shed type structures. .

Improved atmosphere and noise control
The open environment created by the structure provides a feeling of openness, whilst still providing functional coverage. The fabric roof absorbs noise therefore reducing noises levels normally expected with large steel clad shelters.

Fabric covered structure eliminate the traditional expense of a permanent structure. They provide flexibility and versatility to efficiently store assets in a more cost effective manner.

The versatility of a Container Dome Roof Structure means that they are suitable for many markets, including:
  • Mining and exploration
  • Industrial
  • Civil and Public Works
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Military and defence
  • Personal storage
  • Recycling Industries
  • Aviation
  • Agriculture 

No, Croft Structure's Container Dome Roof structures are extremely flexible in their design and can be post mounted. Refer to our Sizes/Dimensions page for more information. Discuss your requirements with our experienced team to ensure you are satisfied with the options.

We pride ourselves on our short lead time for standard stock items. We keep componentry in stock to ensure that we can despatch in a timely manner. For specific made to order items we confirm your requirements through technical drawings before commencing production. We aim to ship in the shortest possible time frame.

Yes, all container dome roof kit structures come as a DIY Kit with instructions and isometric drawings. However, our experienced team are also available to complete the installation for you.

Wind ratings standards AS/NZS 1170:2:2002 apply for all structures in Australia. So depending on where the structure is being located there are rules that must be met. All kits are designed and manufactured to meet these standards.

Just let the sales team know the installation location and we will advise the appropriate structure rating. Download pdf for details about wind regions within Australia.

WIND REGION A - Maximum Wind speed of 41m/s or 147.6km/h
(Region A, Terrain Category 2, 10m reference height)

WIND REGION B - Maximum Wind speed of 51.9m/s or 186.84km/h
(Region B, Terrain category 2, 10m Reference height)

WIND REGION C- Maximum Wind Speed of 64.5m/s or 232.2km/h
(Region C, Terrain Category 2, 10m Reference height)

Wind Region D - Maximum Wind speed of 88m/s or 316.8km/h
(Region D, Terrain Category 2, 10m Reference height)

The Canvacon 7000E cover will last approximately 8-10 years, however this does depend on some factors including maintenance and overall care of your structure.
  • Keep the fabric tensioned at all times, but do not overtighten.
  • Follow the care instructions on the Canvacon fact sheet supplied with the structure.
  • Replacement covers are sold separately, with tough steel structure that will outlast the fabric for a small cost of new unit you can replace the Canvacon cover.

​​CONTAIN-A-COVER are an Australian family owned and operated company who pride themselves in employing local people and providing skills training to improve the overall development of their employees and ultimately delivering better quality product to their customers.

We can assist you in your search for suitable shipping containers. We have relationships all over Australia and are happy to arrange this for you.

Yes, the nature of the structure supports easy removal of the cover and re-attachment when required.

We are happy to work with you to ensure you understand the engineering requirements of our structure. If additional engineering requirements are needed, we are happy to arrange this for you.