Outdoor Forklift School 10m wide CONTAIN-A-COVER Kit with Customisations

Outdoor Forklift School 10m wide CONTAIN-A-COVER Kit with Customisations

Project description: 

This customer was looking for a cost effective solution to build an outdoor forklift training facility in a Melbourne based education facility.  The team at CONTAIN-A-COVER managed the project from end to end including concept, design, building permits, engineering, architectural drawings, manufacture and installation.

The structure is 10m wide by 40 foot long with pained modified shipping containers with pedestrian access doors and motorised roller doors installed.  Stairs were needed to access the top levels so the team displayed our flexibility with the supply and installation as part of the package.

Certainly an impressive way to show the versaility of our dome shelter solutions and the professionalism and flexibility of our team.

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Client Industry: 
Education and Training
Project Details : 

CONTAIN-A-COVER KIT 10m wide x 40 foot long

Shipping Container modifications

- Painted in Ocean Blue

- Pedestrian Access Doors

- Motorised Roller Doors

Stairs and hand rails

Engineering, Architectural Drawings, Council Permit

Installation by the CONTAIN-A-COVER Team

Full Project Management