Transport Client Workshop 12m wide CONTAIN-A-COVER KIT

Transport Client Workshop 12m wide CONTAIN-A-COVER KIT

Project description: 


Our client required a fully managed project to set up a facility as an additional maintenance workshop area on a site they will occupy for two years.  The team at CONTAIN-A-COVER managed this requirement from start to finish.

We supplied painted shipping containers with inside lighting and access doors. The containers are held down by footings driven into the ground and attached to the base.with our 12m wide dome roof cover over the top, externally mounted and a full length wall at the rear.

Additional LED spot lighting and highby LED lighting were installed by our registered electrican.  This will enable the client to use the facility 24/7 to work on vehicles with the shipping containers providing easy access to consuambles and parts.

  • Fabric Rear Wall
     Fabric Rear Wall
  • Externally mounted dome roof shelter
     Externally mounted dome roof shelter
  • LED spot lighting and container hold down footings
     LED spot lighting and container hold down footings
  • Lighting inside shipping container
     Lighting inside shipping container
Client Industry: 
Transport & Warehousing
Project Details : 

CONTAIN-A-COVER KIT 12m wide x 40 foot long

Full rear end wall

Shipping containers painted in Surf Mist with pedestrian access doors

Shipping container footings installed

Internal and external lighting installed by our Registered Electrician with full certificate of compliance

Full project management including site SWMS and WHS requirements

Manufacture and installation by the CONTAIN-A-COVER Team